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Welcome to the website of the VEVDAJ, the Swiss umbrella organisation that groups local and regional associations of parents and other relatives of drug users.

VEVDAJ is a politically neutral and non-denominational organisation that supports the local self-help groups. VEVDAJ stands up for the needs and the interests of drug-addicted people and their families.

We are members of FRAPCD, the Swiss-French umbrella organisation, of NAS, the National Community on Drug Policies and of Correlation Network, the European Project that promotes health inclusion of marginalized people.

We endorse the governmental four-pillar policy implemented throughout our country (prevention, therapy, harm reduction and survival aid, law enforcement and control) and we plea for acceptance-oriented drug policies.

We oppose the criminalization of drug users. Repression is not the right way to fight drug use or addiction. 

What do we want?

  • to share the solidarity among the concerned individuals and sympathizers;
  • to prevent the impoverishment of our daughters and sons, so they can live in dignity in spite of substance abuse and dependency;
  • to demand the same quality of medical treatment for drug users enjoyed by other patients or clients;
  • to improve relatives' knowledge about addiction through expert information;
  • to disseminate information and knowledge about harm reduction and acceptance-oriented drug strategies;
  • the inclusion of relatives in the support network as an important resource;
  • networking with professionals.


HELPOFON: 0800 104 004
POB 8558
CH-3001 Berne (Switzerland)
Tel:  031 302 39 30
Fax: 031 302 39 29
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